Digitizing a newspaper or archive collection can be complex. We're here to make it easy. 

Veridian helps libraries and cultural heritage institutions to plan, build and maintain rich digital collections.

We provide a complete service from scanning and data conversion to platform setup and ongoing maintenance & support.

Our goal is to help customers unlock the value of their historic collections and bring them to a wide audience online.

Collection Scanning

We work with your local expert scanning partners to convert historic materials into digital form (TIFF). If your data is already in digital format (TIFF), you can skip this process and directly move on to data conversion.

We make it easy - We’ll help you manage the scanning process and communicate with the scanning vendor to define the correct specifications and output quality.

High quality output - We've worked with our scanning partners for many years so you can be confident of exceptionally high-quality images from all different source types (e.g., microfilm or physical pages).

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Data Conversion

We help convert your digital images (TIFFs) into a more comprehensive digital format (METS/ALTO, and searchable PDF). This allows the content of the images to be accessible by computers. The content is also searchable and more accessible by your users via a software platform.

Quality Assurance - Our QA process safeguards your data from many widespread errors often often overlooked if you are not an expert in this area (Read more on ALTO hidden errors).

Preserve and protect - We encourage our clients to use METS/ALTO wherever possible, as it is recognized as the best practice standard for newspaper archiving and is maintained by the Library of Congress of the United States. Using this mainstream standard not only allows your material to be preserved more comprehensively; it mitigates the risk of being locked to a specific software vendor.

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Presentation Software

Veridian Software is the online platform that makes your collection more accessible to users.

More accessible - With features such as full-text searching, search result summary, search facets and filters, and various browsing structures, Veridian allows your users to retrieve relevant information easily and quickly.

Reflect your brand - We understand that every collection is unique, and so is each organization. Therefore as part of our set up service, we tailor our system and interface to meet your requirements.

Robust hosting - Veridian offers robust hosting services to archive your collection safely. The collections are hosted with the Amazon AWS cloud service with 24-hour server monitoring and disaster recovery.

Secure backup - All collection and system data is backed up so you can leave it safely in our hands while you focus on growing content and building an engaged user community.

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The Veridian difference.

Part of the role of a modern library is to protect and preserve valuable content, and to respond to the changing ways in which their communities need to access, use, and share that content.

Our job is to ensure that libraries and other institutions can convert their collections from paper or microfilm to a suitable online digital format efficiently and cost effectively, without compromise on quality, service, requirements, or outcome.

The difference we bring to each digitization project is the focus we place on value throughout the life of the digital collection. We help you unlock the value of your historic collections. 

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