Veridian Newsletter Archive

2023 Veridian Newsletters

06/27/2023: Keeping your hosted digital collections safe, and introducing a new collection for the Consortium of Pentecostal Archives

04/25/2023: Low resolution image pre-generation now available for Veridian viewer, and Lawrenceville School digital collection launched

02/28/2023: A viral Papers Past article predicts climate change (in 1912), and how we use BagIt for data preservation and transfer

 2022 Veridian Newsletters

12/13/2022: Reminiscing over our 2022 highlights, and looking forward to what 2023 will hold

10/26/2022: Learn how to upload data to Veridian via an S3 bucket, plus Winona State University launches new collection

08/23/2022: Papers Past launches new Ngā Tānga Reo Māori collection, and Swiss National Library Collection hits 10 million pages

06/28/2022: We’re celebrating 20 years in business, and Ulukau increases usability with refreshed visual design

04/28/2022: Learn about our digitisation service, plus new Tufts University collection launched 

02/22/2022: Catholic News Archive recognised, plus new Beloit College collection launched

2021 Veridian Newsletters

12/14/2021: Wrapping up a year of exciting developments amidst continued curveballs

10/19/2021: Papers Past’s data management processes, and identifying a specific title’s views in Google Analytics

08/24/2021: Investigating hit spikes and ‘explosions’ within Google Analytics

08/03/2021: Learn about Veridian client collection in virtual round table event

07/27/2021: Ingesting born-digital PDFs into Veridian, plus Ernest Hemingway digital collection in new documentary

06/22/2021: Date validation and viewing capabilities in Veridian, plus services overview

05/25/2021: Transliteration and stemming techniques in Veridian, and Yale Daily News collection launched

04/27/2021: Searching and browsing with Veridian, and a collection reaches 6.5 million pages

03/23/2021: Plains to Peaks case study and meet Wayne

02/24/2021: Get up-to-date on Veridian’s features and discover topics in the CHNC

01/28/2021: Learn about multilingual digital collections and meet Ryan

2020 Veridian Newsletters

12/22/2020: Quite a year. Looking back on the good bits of 2020

11/30/2020: Case Study: The National Library of Israel's digital newspaper collection

10/22/2020: New feature update and webinar invite

09/30/2020: Webinar invite: How to build a digital newspaper collection

08/27/2020: New Veridian features for the Vassar College Newspaper Archive

07/31/2020: To host or not to host? A guide to Veridian hosting services

06/17/2020: An update on our team and a milestone for the New Zealand National Library

05/19/2020: Read our new User Text Correction guidelines and meet Pei

04/16/2020: Great news about our environmental impact and a peek at our home offices!

03/18/2020: How we're working around COVID-19 and some options for Data Conversion

02/13/2020: Meet our Director Stefan and some non-newspaper Veridian collections

01/23/2020: Discover the Global Press Archive and the new IDNC

2019 Veridian Newsletters

12/17/2019: So Kiwis do fly? Wrapping up the year that was

11/21/2019: Meet our Project Lead Michael and learn about converting digitized newspapers to METS/ALTO

10/26/2019: Case Study: Migrating Lehigh University's student newspaper collection to Veridian

09/27/2019: Explore a new alternative press archive and learn how to engage your audience

08/26/2019: Migrating a digital collection from Olive Software to Veridian

07/17/2019: The latest from our 2019 Veridian User Group Meeting

06/13/2019: Learn about SEO for digital newspapers and meet Richard

05/21/2019: Six ways to market your digital collection

05/02/2019: We're coming to Washington DC - Veridian user group meeting

04/30/2019: Explore a IIIF newspaper collection and meet Jeffrey

03/26/2019: IIIF news and our first audio collection

02/13/2019: Our top 10 tips for newspaper digitization projects

01/25/2019: A new digital collection and our new website!

2018 Veridian Newsletters

12/15/2018: 2018 Highlights and Happy Holidays

11/22/2018: Latest Veridian Project - The Washington State Library

10/17/2018: How to add value and features to digital collections

09/13/2018: Why the Swiss National Library converted to Veridian

08/14/2018: Two tricks to bring more visitors to your collection

07/11/2018: See what's just gone live and who's hit 1 million pages

06/13/2018: The latest news from Veridian

2017 Veridian Newsletters

12/21/2017: Happy Holidays

10/27/2017: 2017 Veridian User Interface Upgrade

09/12/2017: Veridian QA View - Visualizing ALTO XML

07/27/2017: Case Study - CONTENTdm conversion to Veridian

05/06/2017: Veridian Workshop June 2017

03/08/2017: 2017 Veridian Development Roadmap

2015 Veridian Newsletters

07/28/2015 - July Newsletter: Veridian Grant + Montana Historical Society

02/18/2015 - February Newsletter: Grant Available for Automated METS/ALTO

2014 Veridian Newsletters

10/29/2014 - October Newsletter: National Library of Estonia Digital Archive

08/13/2014 - July Newsletter: Veridian's Top 5 Patron Engagement Features

07/07/2014 - July Newsletter: Top 10 - Veridian Software

04/29/2014 - May Newsletter: Top 10 Tips for Newspaper Digitization Projects

2013 Veridian Newsletters

11/19/2013 - November Newsletter: New Veridian Version = New Features

10/14/2013 - October Newsletter - Papers Past Landmark

07/18/2013 - July Newsletter: CDNC Adds Tagging and Comments

06/05/2013 - June 2013 Newsletter

04/11/2013 - DL Consulting April Newsletter

03/06/2013 - March 2013 Newsletter

2012 Veridian Newsletters

12/19/2012 - December Newsletter & Happy Holidays

06/13/2012 - We're unveiling something big!

05/22/2012 - SEO for Digital Libraries