We’re at home, and it’s working

Along with the rest of the world, we’ve seen some dramatic changes here in New Zealand in 2020. 

Our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern directed that everyone self-isolate for four weeks to stop the spread of COVID-19. That means that aside from essential services supplying necessities like food, medicine and healthcare, everyone else is staying home. Our borders are closed and schools have moved to e-learning. We only have in-person contact with those in our household “bubble”, and where possible people are working from home. 

There is a glimmer of hope. With a slowing number of new COVID-19 cases reported each day and an increase in recoveries, we do appear at this early stage to be on track.

Luckily, working remotely is second nature to us here at Veridian. We are well accustomed to working on the opposite side of the world to many of our customers, and in many ways it works very well, as our Project Lead Jeffrey explains: 

“Being in New Zealand is actually a plus! The time zone difference allows us to consider our customer inquiries while they sleep and most of the time the problem is resolved the next day when they wake up.”

This month we have a steady stream of interesting projects to keep us busy. We are grateful for the work and to be able to continue doing what we love with limited disruption, even in such strange times. We know this is not the case for many, and send our thoughts to those who are unwell or facing hard times.

Our team has settled into home offices for now, each with the challenges of our unique “household bubbles”. There are desks to clear, the demands of small children and the distant call of the fridge all to contend with. We’ve become expert jugglers. 

We took pictures of our office spaces this week and thought we’d share them with you. 

Disclaimer: There was a lot of frantic tidying up before these pictures were taken. They may not represent the true state of affairs.

Photos of the Veridian team's home offices


More photos of the Veridian team's home offices