In Focus: The User Text Correction Dashboard

Here we take a closer look at one of the latest Veridian Software features in use on the Washington State Library digital newspaper collection.

The Washington Digital Newspapers site now features Veridian's new User Text Correction (UTC) Dashboard. We designed this page to bring together key information to raise the profile of text correction and encourage more people to get involved.

Motivating site users to help correct Optical Character Recognition errors not only helps them engage more with the content, it also helps improve search results over time. A win-win for any digital collection.

Included on the UTC Dashboard are ‘How-to’ guides and ‘Recommended items to be corrected’ to help readers select which content to work on. The dashboard also displays 'Text Correction Statistics' to track the progress of community contributions. 

By registering on the collection website you can even vie to be a Top Text Correction Champion (TTCC) to "help prove humans are better than computers." Ready to get started? We are.


explore the UTC dashboard