On a grand scale. Why we welcome large projects

Since Veridian was initially designed for very large newspaper digitization projects, the ability to scale well is one of the cornerstones of the design.

Supporting very large projects, especially newspapers with huge amounts of imperfect text, is not easy. Anyone who has tried to create a large project using a multi-purpose content management system will attest to that!

A number of newspaper digitization projects using Veridian have now grown to several million pages, without any performance issues.

Our ability to scale up to these large collections sets us apart in the field. There are a lot of systems that can handle 50,000 or perhaps 500,000 objects, but very few can handle 5 million as Veridian can. In fact, at Veridian we never consider a digitization project to be "finished". Getting it online is just the first step. After that the collection needs to be nurtured and maintained, it needs to attract visitors and it needs to encourage those visitors to really engage with the content as it grows.

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