Meet Pei, Veridian Project Lead

Pei is an experienced software developer and designer, and an important part of our team. 

He’s been with Veridian since 2017 when an influx of new digital collection projects prompted us to add another desk to the office. We were lucky to find Pei, who is a skilled problem solver with a knack for collection customizations.  

How do you like working at Veridian?

The Veridian team works together closely and helps each other. There is a feeling of family in the workplace. Although we work hard, the atmosphere is always comfortable, not stressful. 

It’s very satisfying to contribute to cultural heritage through our work - bringing historic newspapers and magazines from libraries to the web. 

You’ve helped build many new Veridian digital collections. What do you think sets them apart?

Veridian is an excellent product and development platform. It can handle various sources of data, including non-standard data. It’s easy to develop new features and to create stylish and easy-to-use user interfaces. Most importantly, what sets Veridian apart is that it’s so well supported by our professional team.

Do you listen to music as you work? Tell us your soundtrack.

Actually, I seldom listen to music when I work to avoid distraction. But I love all kinds of music, like Teresa Teng - the most popular Chinese singer, classical music, jazz, ABBA, and much more.

Creating customized features for clients is one of your specialties. Which features are you most excited about? 

I am excited about two features. First is the user experience. It’s wonderful to get such positive feedback from clients about how their collections are presented visually and how pleasing the user experience is for researchers and librarians. 

Our work with non-English digital collections is also important. We make it possible to see the historic text in different languages online and I'm proud that I help with this.  

Which advancements in digital collection software are you most interested in?

I am happy to see the progress made in digital collection software in recent years. I’m interested in the idea of our clients using the software as a tool to manage their data in the cloud. This will decrease the cost of digitization of collections.

What's your ultimate Friday night takeaway dinner?

It’s a good idea to treat ourselves after a week of work. I look forward to New Zealand delicacies, like fish and chips and beer.