Digitisation with Veridian

When creating a digital collection, the quality of the data is incredibly important. At Veridian, our digitisation service follows best practice industry standards, allowing your collection material to be preserved more comprehensively and ensuring long term sustainability.

Our service includes project management of the data conversion process, ensuring it runs smoothly and follows best practices, before moving to ingest the data into a collection. Good quality data using open standards will endure, even if you change content delivery systems in the future!

We have been quite successful with our digitisation service since officially launching two years ago (we carried out digitisation work previous to this, but 2020 saw digitisation become an official Veridian service). In 2021 we completed digitisation work for 16 projects, consisting of 3 new Veridian collections and 13 existing Veridian collections we continue to support and grow, equating to 237,000 pages. 

In addition to this, we are continuously collaborating with the National Library of Israel, and digitised 770,000 pages for their collection over the past year. This means we have digitised a total of one million pages in one year, a significant achievement our team is proud to share.

We look forward to working on further digitisation work for our customers, to ensure a quality end result. You can read more about our digitisation service, including the three different options we offer to match the material to be digitised, and budgets.