Beloit College launches new collection on Veridian

We are delighted to share a recently launched Veridian collection for Beloit College, the Beloit College Digital Publications Archive. The Archive provides access to original articles, advertisements and photographs from their two student publications, The Round Table and The Gold.

Beloit College had previously digitised 12 years of their student newspaper (The Round Table), and were on the lookout for a new platform to present the content. After starting the project, the College also expressed interest in adding their yearbook to the collection (The Gold).

The project moved at a rapid pace; after contacting Veridian in April 2021, development started in May and the collection launched in August of last year.

As a fresh collection using page-level METS/ALTO, it currently includes 2,556 issues comprising 19,114 pages. We’re pleased to have assisted Beloit College in digitising their long-running student history, with The Round Table digitised issues dating back to 1919.

Explore the Beloit College Digital Publications Archive