Veridian’s Diary: Date validation and new Veridian viewer

Whilst working on the Princeton University Library collection ‘Papers of Princeton’ recently, we reviewed a validation warning from Veridian regarding an irregular newspaper date.

The 31 February 1924 issue of the Daily Princetonian, which appears to have been produced and dated in the spirit of fun, produced a warning given it lies on a day that doesn’t exist in the accepted international calendar. In this case, we could safely mark it as valid, but the warning itself is a great example of Veridian’s extensive source data validation capabilities. During the process of ingesting e.g. METS/ALTO data into a Veridian collection, numerous validation checks are performed to help ensure the data is uniform and is as expected.

This newspaper issue also includes upside-down text that can make it tricky to read easily. However, the new Veridian viewer solves this issue, by allowing users to easily rotate the page image in order to read any upside-down text - whether the text’s orientation is inadvertent or not.

Have a look at the Daily Princetonian issue in detail