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What is Veridian?

Veridian is software that makes it easy to search, view, and interact with digital collections on the Internet. Veridian supports almost any type of content such as newspapers, books, magazines, journals, photographs, maps, and audio/video files and makes them easily accessible to anyone online.

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No other digital collection management software prioritizes the user experience and patron engagement like Veridian Software.


Veridian easily manages collections of all sizes and scales up to collections containing multiple titles, a variety of content types and millions of digitized pages and/or images. No matter how large or how busy the collection is Veridian’s search engine handles queries with fast, accurate returns.


Veridian supports Unicode throughout, meaning it can display any language in any alphabet. Veridian makes it easy to add multilingual interfaces to your collection.


Veridian ingests and displays data and metadata schemas common to digitization projects, including PDF, TEI, METS, and ALTO. The software accepts many open formats, meaning you do not have to change your data to a proprietary format.


Veridian is capable of managing and displaying collections of photographs, books, maps, audio/video, and most other file types in addition to its high quality display of newspaper archives. It is also optimized for use on mobile devices.


Veridian supports several standard user interface designs and accommodates customized designs for your digital collection.


Veridian was built around the METS/ALTO newspaper standard and unlike other systems, ingests and indexes METS/ALTO files seamlessly. It also accepts both page and article level METS/ALTO, even within the same collection.

Veridian Software by DL Consulting

At DL Consulting we have the experience and the expertise to guide you through your digitization project. During the initial consultation we take the time to listen to your project goals and to understand your specific requirements. Throughout the process we provide step-by-step assistance and advice on your required features, including any customization. If necessary, we can introduce you to our preferred partners for scanning, OCR, and METS/ALTO conversion.

We are mindful of your budget and we always provide costs upfront based on the scope of the project. Our priority is to provide personal service to each and every customer. That means we are responsive to your questions and requests and we make sure you have a single point of contact you can trust throughout the life of your project.


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