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Elephind.com is a Veridian powered newspaper search engine for historic digitized newspapers around the world. It consists of thousands of historical newspaper titles and is still growing!

We designed Elephind.com originally as a proof-of-concept, and as a platform to test our Veridian search systems on really huge amounts of digitized text. We now offer it as a service, along with Veridian’s built in SEO capabilities, to help attract the largest possible audience to the newspaper collections we help our customers build.

All Veridian-based newspaper digitization projects are indexed by Elephind.com for free, unless the owner of the content chooses not to do so. The goal of Elephind.com is to make it possible to search all the world’s online historic newspapers from one place. We aren’t there yet, but we are adding more newspapers every day.

With Elephind.com it’s possible for family historians, genealogists, and researchers to search historic digitized newspaper archives from around the globe. Elephind.com is much like Google, Bing, or other search engines but is focused on only historical, digitized newspapers. It enables you to search across many newspaper sites simultaneously, rather than having to visit each site separately. By clicking on the Elephind.com search result that interests you you'll go directly to the newspaper site which hosts that story.

Many of the smaller newspaper sites are not well known and may be difficult to find with the usual search engines but are searchable from Elephind.com.

We're continuing to add more newspapers to Elephind.com, so if at first you can't find what you're looking for, please check back later. Or you can add your name to our mailing list, and we'll email you when a new collection is added.

If you have any comments or suggestions about this site, or if you know of other free online newspaper collections which you'd like to see added to Elephind.com, please contact us.

Visit here for the list of included titles or start your historical newspaper search now at Elephind.com!

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